This & That

  • No one’s coming….NO ONE

    I stumbled across this reel on Instagram when I was avoiding work. It’s so powerful!
    I have mixed feelings about it, not that I don’t agree with it, because I do. Knowing it all comes down to me is scary. Showing up for others is a cakewalk for me but showing up for myself is a struggle at best some days. That’s why when these beautiful, friendly reminders come knocking on my door, or rather in my Instagram feed, I pay attention and am grateful. Here is what Mel Robbins said.
  • Few good decisions are made between midnight and dawn

    I was watching something on TV when I heard this line, “Few good decisions are made between midnight and dawn”. It struck me and stuck with me. I was like, that is totally true. When I pondered this statement at 4am I had to rethink my views on it. I was looking at it for my younger self who was probably inebriated between midnight and dawn and making horrible decisions. Looking at this statement as an older and wiser person, hopefully,  it doesn’t apply to me anymore. Usually getting old sucks but in this instant I’m grateful I survived my middle of the night decisions. Also, I’m fortunate that I grew up in a time when we didn’t have cell phones and internet. Just sayin’.
  • Being an Artist

    What a great list. If only someone had mentioned this to me years ago. I was so bullheaded and thought I knew everything when I was young. Back then I called it confidence, today I call it arrogance. Even now many moons later it’s a good list to reference.

    There is way more I which I’d been told but somethings you have to find out for yourself in your own time.

  • Teaching

    I’m really digging teaching. More than I ever imagined I would. I think I love that every class is different. Even if I’m teaching the same thing. The not knowing how it will turn out is a turn on for me. It keeps things interesting.
  • Fingers Crossed

    I enjoy learning and creating, I just hope you like my creations half as much as I do. Fingers crossed.