Being an Artist

What a great list. If only someone had mentioned this to me years ago. I was so bullheaded and thought I knew everything when I was young. Back then I called it confidence, today I call it arrogance. Even now many moons later it’s a good list to reference.

Number 1
Only compare yourself to you. That’s a big one. Seeing how far you’ve come is positive reinforcement and builds inter peace and confidence.
Number 2
I’m self taught and I’m sure I could be further along in my art. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and faster isn’t always better.
Number 3
Finding your audience, your people can be harder than making art but if you put yourself out there, they will come. Yes, I’m a ‘Field of Dreams’ fan. It will be worth all the hard work and struggle when you find them. I promise.
Number 4
It’s ok to make ugly art. Nobody but you has to see it. Yes, I’d love to get it perfect the first time out but be realistic with yourself.
Number 5
Practice, practice practice!

There is way more I which I’d been told but somethings you have to find out for yourself in your own time.

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  • Great blog post and great list! Thanks for always sharing openly and authentically!

    Nancy Robbins

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