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  • More Events

    I'm so excited to get back to doing what I love. Lots of great things to choose from. See ya there.
  • Pollyanna

    I’M BACK!!! Looking at the bright side of this ‘tragedy” has spurred me onto a healthy lifestyle.
  • April Workshops with Kris Hundt

    I have partnered with East Dallas Vintage to teach some workshops in April and May. You can purchase tickets and get more info on all the classes I'm teaching with a click here

    Stay tuned as I have more classes and events coming soon.

  • What's Happening

    So excited to announce these events. It's all about love, giving and hearts. I hope you will mark your calendars and join me for one or all of the...
  • little c

    Albus Dumbledore so eloquently put it, “Fear of a name increases fear of a thing itself.”

    The word Covid is such a dirty word these days. Mentioning it is like telling the world you have the plague which I guess isn’t really off the mark. With all the new strains out there for most people either have gotten or will get Covid no matter how careful they are. Hopefully it’s like a mild case of the flu. Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky.
  • Here's what People are Saying

    Happy to help relieve stress during your travels by taking care of your pets and your home.

    #somethingtotalkabout #kindwords #thankyou #pets #petsitting #referrals #somethingtotalkabout #goodjob #thanks #animallove
  • Here’s what People are Saying

    My students make my classes so much fun. Thank you all.
  • Here’s what People are Saying

    Thank you for your support, friendship and kind words.
  • Here’s what People are Saying

    If only you lived in DFW. I appreciate your kind words.
  • Adventure Awaits

    I read(listened to the audio version) this book ‘One Italian Summer’ by Rebecca Seale because the narrator was Lauren Graham, yes of Gilmore Girls....
  • Living Aloha

    It took me awhile to understand the Hawaiian phrase “Living Aloha” and an even longer time to live it. This quote is the best definition I’ve heard...
  • Do you Think you can Change the World?

    My answer is some days I believe I can change the world. Right now that's enough for me.