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  • Here's what People are Saying

    Happy to help relieve stress during your travels by taking care of your pets and your home.

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  • Here’s what People are Saying

    My students make my classes so much fun. Thank you all.
  • Here’s what People are Saying

    Thank you for your support, friendship and kind words.
  • Here’s what People are Saying

    If only you lived in DFW. I appreciate your kind words.
  • Adventure Awaits

    I read(listened to the audio version) this book ‘One Italian Summer’ by Rebecca Seale because the narrator was Lauren Graham, yes of Gilmore Girls....
  • Living Aloha

    It took me awhile to understand the Hawaiian phrase “Living Aloha” and an even longer time to live it. This quote is the best definition I’ve heard...
  • Do you Think you can Change the World?

    My answer is some days I believe I can change the world. Right now that's enough for me.
  • #FriendlyFriday Shout Out Jon Foreman

    WOW!!! Just wow. I got a chance to meet Jon earlier this year in Llano, TX at the LEAF festival and his work is stunning. See for yourself.
  • Escape

    From previous posts you know I love listening to audio books. I wasn’t sure they would hold my attention, but they do and I’m grateful for it. My m...
  • #FriendlyFriday Shout Out Twice Baked Clay

    I’m not sure where or when I meet these gals but I love them. Aside from their wonderfully creative art they are just good people. I’m happy to cal...
  • Choose Happy

    I’m a huge Ted Lasso fan. It’s right up there with Harry Potter for me. I’m on my second run through of watching both seasons. I’m not really sure what it is about him and the show itself. I think maybe it gives me hope and helps me strive to be less judgy. And it makes me think. Like this quote from the second season, not sure what episode, “every disadvantage has its advantages.”
  • #FriendlyFriday Shout Out Kelley Knickerbocker

    Kelley Knickerbocker is a visual artist and instructor. I enjoy her work. I find her story of leaving her career behind to become a full-time artist and her art inspiring.  I haven't taken one of her classes yet but it's only a matter of time. Check out her Instagram and her website