This & That

  • Vision Boards

    Have any of you created a vision board? I’m intrigued and terrified by them in equal measure. The terrifying part is from my childhood(as you may have guessed) and the statement, “be careful what you wish for, it might come true.” It’s about picking the wrong things. Yes, I’m letting all my insecurities fly as high as my “freak flag”.
  • Joy

    Last week I had an extraordinary day. I booked some classes, ate s'mores with some new friends and hung out with a dear friend around a campfire. Y...
  • Happy New Year

    Yes, I do realize that 2022 started almost a week ago but I wanted to enter with cautions. I crack myself up. No, really I was trying to book a few classes for the start of the new year.
  • Friendly Friday

    Yes, I realize it's not Friday. Things have been so busy I didn't even realize it was Friday until it passed by. HAHA. It happens. To me more than ...
  • Custom Orders

    I just received a custom order for 100 of my Frankenstein Faces. Hip Hip Hurray! I love these little guys & gals. They each have a personality all their own and they are so much fun to create.  So the answer is YES, I do offer custom orders.

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  • Trunk Show

    I've been asked to do a trunk show and I'm so excited. I've never done one before but I've been keen on doing one. It's December 3-4 in Richardson ...
  • Testimonial

    Never in a million years could I have predicted a testimonial like this. I'd been photographing this crazy group and was headed home when my client stopped me. She said, "you're gonna love this." I was hooked. What could it be?!
  • Artist Round Table

    It's not often these days you get to sit in a room of your peers and talk about the industry you're in, the things you found success with and what isn't working for you.
  • Newsletter

    So many fun things happening this Fall at Kris Hundt Creative. Check out my Newsletter to get info on classes, events and new products. Sign up for my newsletter to get quarterly updates.
  • Big Launch

    Today is the day my e-commerce site goes live. I've been working on it for weeks and some of you may have already seen it. Thank you for keeping me and my work in your sights.
  • Teaching is so Satisfing

    The necklace in the photo is one of my students from the class I taught this past weekend. It went well and am planning another class in the new year.
  • UFO's

    Well today, thanks to my lovely friend Christy, I have completed a project that is well over 2 years old.