This & That

  • April Workshops with Kris Hundt

    I have partnered with East Dallas Vintage to teach some workshops in April and May. You can purchase tickets and get more info on all the classes I'm teaching with a click here

    Stay tuned as I have more classes and events coming soon.

  • Teaching

    I’m really digging teaching. More than I ever imagined I would. I think I love that every class is different. Even if I’m teaching the same thing. The not knowing how it will turn out is a turn on for me. It keeps things interesting.
  • Best Valentine's Ever

    We wanted to make sure they all knew someone was thinking about them. The card making was a blast but hand delivering has touched my soul in a way I never imagined.
  • Custom Orders

    I just received a custom order for 100 of my Frankenstein Faces. Hip Hip Hurray! I love these little guys & gals. They each have a personality all their own and they are so much fun to create.  So the answer is YES, I do offer custom orders.

    To see more click here.