I’m really digging teaching. More than I ever imagined I would. I think I love that every class is different. Even if I’m teaching the same thing. The not knowing how it will turn out is a turn on for me. It keeps things interesting. I’ve had epic failure classes(origami ball ornament) and yet students come back for more which is a pleasant surprise and heartwarming. I never really know when the students leave what they will be taking home with them so it is extra special to me when I get a text or email of thanks. It brings me so much joy that words come hard for me. I received this message recently. Yes, I may have shed a little tear.

Hi Kris!

Thanks for teaching me how to make the cute origami hearts. I’ve made about 100 and my boys and my nieces are using them for valentines at school. You can slides a Hershey’s miniature and a little message in the pocket in the back. Just thought I would share. (Also, my niece took the origami ball I made to show and tell - she was really impressed, lol.) I am ready for the next class! Julie K. Worden

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