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Albus Dumbledore so eloquently put it, “Fear of a name increases fear of a thing itself.”

The word Covid is such a dirty word these days. Mentioning it is like telling the world you have the plague which I guess isn’t really off the mark. With all the new strains out there for most people either have gotten or will get Covid no matter how careful they are. Hopefully it’s like a mild case of the flu. Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky.

I’m writing this to alleviate some of the stigma around having Covid and also to let you know all cases are not the same. My assistant Jackson and I had to take a road trip for a photo shoot and the next morning he informed me he had the other C word. A couple days later I had the sandpaper throat and wham bam I was first time victim. The doctor told me to say away from people for 10 days and take the antiviral meds she prescribed.

Being a hermit was fine as I felt too crappy to want to see anyone. Whether or not taking Plaxlovid, the antiviral medication, helped is unclear. Apparently it’s for high risk patients to keep them out of the hospital. I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking it again. Two reasons…. Only a few people experience the chalky metallic that envelopes your mouth the whole time you take it and nothing alleviates the taste. Known as Plaxlovid Mouth to us 2%ers. The only thing I could eat for 5 days was saltines and drink an ungodly amount of water. Secondly, there are those of us who also get what is tragically referred to as rebound Covid. So you start to feel better for a couple of days after being a shut in and then you get the big whammy. The second time around is worse and all I did was sleep, take meds and sleep some more. All totally it took 6 weeks to start to feel like myself again.

Like I said I’m not telling you this to feel bad or sorry for me. I’m fine and am still above ground. I just wanted to keep an open dialog about Covid.

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