Adventure Awaits

I read(listened to the audio version) this book ‘One Italian Summer’ by Rebecca Seale because the narrator was Lauren Graham, yes of Gilmore Girls. She did fine though it was the writing that kept me reading.

I believe that books(and many other things) pick people. And this one sure hit it’s mark. My last trip, many years ago, was to Italy and I fell in love. Not with a person, no. With the views, the food, the language, with everything, except the tourist. lol. So this book brought me back to where I fell in love again. To new places in Italy I want to visit. This book also brought me to myself. It’s a relationship about a daughter and her mother. I believe it’s the relationship my mother and I both wanted but couldn’t find. It’s about, life and death and finding yourself. This quote from the book made me laugh, cry and yearn to explore.

“There is more to life than just continuing doing what we know. What got you here won’t get you there.”

So, step out of your comfort zone and your sweat pants and search for a new adventure. That’s what I’ll be doing. I hope stumble upon each other along the way.

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