Some of you may know that on May 2nd of this year I was in a car accident. What some of you may not know is that I’ve been recovering ever since. This is why you haven’t seen me on my socials until recently. The healing process is hard work especially the older you get. I totaled my car and broke my big toe.  Seven weeks of laying on my back only to find out that I have to have surgery because the break didn’t heal properly.

My doctor says I have a Micky Mouse plate in my toe. It’s kinda funny really. Well funny looking. Keeping the swelling down is the hard bit so wearing my own shoe is still an issue though I did walk 1.25 miles the other day, with my friend Karen, for the first time since the wreak.

All this to say, I’M BACK!!! Looking at the bright side of this ‘tragedy” has spurred me onto a healthy lifestyle. I’m always striving to find the positive(blessings) even in crummy situations. Some of you may call this the “Pollyanna Effect” and maybe not in a positive way. Feel free to call me Pollyanna. I think she had the right idea. I think the “glad game” is the best game in the world.

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  • YOU GOT THIS!! xoxo

    Karen Crawford

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