This & That

  • Escape

    From previous posts you know I love listening to audio books. I wasn’t sure they would hold my attention, but they do and I’m grateful for it. My m...
  • Challenge Accepted

    I was inspired today by and essay I was listening to in the car from David Sedaries from his book ‘Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls’. Inspired to what you may ask, to notice my everyday surroundings and jot down things during my day and flush them out in a blog post the next morning.
  • Studio

    Fingers crossed, I will be moving into my new studio space in a month or so.
  • Best Valentine's Ever

    We wanted to make sure they all knew someone was thinking about them. The card making was a blast but hand delivering has touched my soul in a way I never imagined.
  • Adventure Awaits

    What a great feeling to have a client tell you they want to schedule you to teach a class. It’s even cooler when you set a date. The mind blowing part is when you ask which class they want you to teach and their response is, “I don’t know, but we’ll come up with something.”