From previous posts you know I love listening to audio books. I wasn’t sure they would hold my attention, but they do and I’m grateful for it. My mother was a voracious reader and had all her kids at the public library before they could read. I wish she was around to ask but I think reading was her escape from the unhappy life. This is one of the only things I remember that she truly enjoyed and she wanted to impart that joy on her children.

Reading was always difficult for me. I was enrolled in special classes which didn’t help as I have dyslexia. I got through high school without ever reading an entire book. You learn to find work arounds and you adapt. I also did a lot of guessing when it came to schoolwork. I’m not proud of never reading a book I was just surviving.

One day at the photo studio there was a model using her downtime to read a John Grisham book. This was back before cell phones. My thought though arrogant and misguided was if a model can read why can’t I? So I went out that night and bought ‘The Pelican Brief’ and started reading. It took me ages to finish but I’d read my book and it was a best seller.

I have to say it wasn’t a relaxing time the way that most people talk about. No, it was work but I was determined to finish it. I was a well told story with intrigue and mystery so it kept me interested. It was a good first book.

I was skeptical when a friend suggested I listen to an audio book while driving cross country. I tried it anyway. I loved it so much I looked for a used book shop on my travels to buy another book on tape.

Years later and I now average about 80 books a year. I understand my mothers need to escape and I can see how she found solace in the pages of a book. I owe her much thanks for passing on her passion for reading.

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