This & That

  • Enlightenme (2018)

    I had a lovely lunch with a dear friend of mine the other day. And we discussed insecurities or more so,  my insecurities and what’s going on with me at the moment in my creativity. She sent me an email with this piece she wrote years before and  it  hit home. It was just what I needed to hear. I’m sure I’m not the only one that could benefit from reading this lovely piece of written word.

    I decided to share it with all of you and hopefully it resonates with you as much as it did me. And if it doesn’t now I will leave it right here for you to stumble across when you need it.

    Thank you Nancy Robbins for the kind, uplifting words. Some days I just need to be reminded.
  • Friendly Friday shout out Fabiana Elisa Martinez

    I normally promote visual artist but thought it might be nice to stray from the norm and give a shout out to my Spanish teacher turned friend who became an author. She is amazing. Fabi is an author, linguist, and translator for starters. She sets her sights on something and off she goes. She has been such an inspiration for me. If you get a chance read ’12 Random Words’. Check out her website
  • Friendly Friday shout out Katherine Baronet

    Katherine Baronet is a fine art painter, instructor and mixed media artist. I was fortunate to meet her several moons ago.