Enlightenme (2018)

I had a lovely lunch with a dear friend of mine the other day. And we discussed insecurities or more so,  my insecurities and what’s going on with me at the moment in my creativity. She sent me an email with this piece she wrote years before and  it  hit home. It was just what I needed to hear. I’m sure I’m not the only one that could benefit from reading this lovely piece of written word.

I decided to share it with all of you and hopefully it resonates with you as much as it did me. And if it doesn’t now I will leave it right here for you to stumble across when you need it.

Thank you Nancy Robbins for the kind, uplifting words. Some days I just need to be reminded.

The universe will not allow you to live your truth standing still. Cause and effect can only be achieved with the motion of energy, effort put forth, trust in the process, and a basis of understanding and acceptance that we are where we are at any given moment for the exact right reason...to learn a lesson or impart a wisdom.

The moon does not question its purpose or nature, nor diminish its intent, but instead it enlightens, guides ships, rules the tide, and changes the world every single night as it moves across a black sky. It is its own beacon of light, never depending on any other illuminating source to empower its abilities or give it worth, but instead it trusts the gravitational pull, the cause and effect of it all. Nature at its best.

Just as the moon lives its truth in motion so must we. We are spirit first and human second. Just as a body needs rest to survive, our spirit needs nourishment to awaken. Mind your body and your soul, and do not take lightly the effect you have on the world. If you question it, ask yourself this... What would happen if the moon went against nature, defied gravity, and took the night off? What would be lost and at what cost?

More often than not we slumber at night while the moon lives its truth, just knowing somewhere in us that it did its job, never really giving it much thought or questioning the process, just resting comfortably knowing cause and effect is still in motion...only to rise in the morning and sleep walk through our day.
How disappointed the moon must be that we ditched our shift, called in sick, threw caution to the wind and said damn it to hell and how sad that the woman at the store who just got horrible news won’t see our smile, our animals won’t feel our kindred spirits, and our kids or partners won’t get our best.

Be the light that wakes up every morning, knowing that you get back what you put out for yourself, and the world gets back what we put out collectively, the moon isn’t bogarting gravitational pull, but instead is asking us to do what we must to awaken our spirits and join the cause...and effect of it all.

DellaDreams – Enlightenme (2018)

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