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  • #FriendlyFriday Shout Out Jeremy Biggers

    Jeremy Biggers is a Dallas-based artist. He attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he primarily focused on expression through graphite and charcoal drawing. During his college years he cultivated his love for painting and photography, and they’ve since cemented themselves into his everyday life. Biggers' work is shaped by experiences that inform his view of the world. His goal with each piece is to inspire conversation.
    Many murals you find around DFW are his and in February, Jeremy collaborated with Fossil to design a new watch for Black History month.
    To find out more go to his website
    and follow him on Instagram
  • #FriendlyFridayShout Out Julie Shunick Brown

    Julie Shunick Brown is a contemporary artist in Dallas, TX.

    I love what she has to say about her process. “My painting evolves as life does. Currently, the process is intuitive - no preconception or idea of the end result.  The work gets more deliberate and intentional as it progresses but it develops as a reaction to what is on the canvas. I focus on composition and color and the result is a surprise that often seems reflective of life.”

    Check her website to learn more her and her art.

  • #FriendlyFriday Shout Out Bluebell Kitchen

    Charlie along with her mother Erica own Bluebell Kitchen. They create amazing botanical inspired wedding cakes and macarons. You’ll have to cross the pond to go to their shop and taste their goodies.  I guarantee it’s worth the trip. Their cakes are a work of art. I’m so mesmerized by their talent. Even if you aren’t planning a trip to Kent follow them on IG @bluebellkitchen. You won’t be disappointed.
    I’ve known Charlie for many years and she is as delightful as her creations.
    Checkout their website
  • #FriendlyFriday Shout Out Jesse Weise

    I don't get to visit this lovely person often as she lives in #Canada. I'm fortunate to own a piece of her #pottery. Jesse Weise is multi talented artist who is one of the kindest people I've ever met. Check out her Etsy shop WeiseArts. #dancer #teacher #potter
  • #FriendlyFriday Shout Out Daria Marchenko

    I know little about Daria Marchenko but I am touched by her, by her art, and mostly by her spirit. I hope to be that brave. The painting - "The Face of War"  was created by in response to the events of 2014 in Ukraine, when Russia showed aggression and attacked the eastern part of the country, thus creating the largest military conflict in Europe since the Second World War endangering world security. It was created in 2014 in collaboration with Daniel D Green using 500 bullet casings.
  • #FriendlyFriday Shout Out Deana Hinchcliff

    Deana Hinchcliff is a leather sculptor, pyrographics, jeweler, and mixed metal design artist in Dallas. We have run in similar circles for years yet I don't know her as well as I'd like. Her leather bags rock! Check out all her work...
    You can also find her on IG @Primalearth
  • Friendly Friday Shout Out Helen Ansell

    I meet Helen years ago when she was my best friend Krista’s roommate in Scotland. I’d only hung out with her for a few days but have followed her and her career since. I’m so glad I did. She is amazing. She now lives in Australia and paints the landscape that surrounds her. She opened up a gallery of her work in her hometown of Mullewa, I hope to visit it someday but for now I’ll just have to be content with getting her paintings online.
  • Friendly Friday Shout Out Janice Somerville

    Janice tots herself as a potter and she is fantastic. I know what you see here isn’t pottery but I wanted to show you a few of the other things that she creates. It’s all so fun, inventive, and colorful.  She is a delight to chat because as her enthusiasm lights up the dullest of days. You can find her work on IG @potterybyjanice and at #makersconnect in Dallas, Tx
  • Friendly Friday shout out Fabiana Elisa Martinez

    I normally promote visual artist but thought it might be nice to stray from the norm and give a shout out to my Spanish teacher turned friend who became an author. She is amazing. Fabi is an author, linguist, and translator for starters. She sets her sights on something and off she goes. She has been such an inspiration for me. If you get a chance read ’12 Random Words’. Check out her website
  • Friendly Friday shout out Sheri Fox

    I stumbled across Sheri Fox Mosaic Arts
    @unfetteredfox on Instagram recently and I really enjoy her IG and her art. It's always a pleasure to find new inspiration.
  • Friendly Friday shout out Katherine Baronet

    Katherine Baronet is a fine art painter, instructor and mixed media artist. I was fortunate to meet her several moons ago.
  • Friendly Friday

    Yes, I realize it's not Friday. Things have been so busy I didn't even realize it was Friday until it passed by. HAHA. It happens. To me more than ...