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  • What’s your favorite app?

    I have several but the one I’m loving at the moment is Libby. It’s the library app that helps you checkout digital books from libraries within the US and Canada. All you need is a valid library card and you’re set. I listen to tons of audio books while I drive from gig to gig and this app is free, easy, and fantastic. Yes, I could use Kindle or Audible, and I have, but they charge a fee. Ok yes, I do have to place books on hold sometimes especially the new releases but then it’s like Christmas when I get a ping and one of my holds is ready to download.

    The other app that goes hand in hand with Libby is Goodreads. It is a free service for book tracking, recommendations and reviews. I listen to so many books I don’t always remember the titles so this app helps me keep track of what I’ve read and what is next in the series. I also, get to see what my friends are reading and what they reccomend.

    Let’s be friends on Goodreads

    What’s your favorite app?