Work Life Balance

It’s been a crazy month or two for me. I was so on the ball at the beginning of the year, when everything is fresh and new and all I have are ideas that I’m ready to put into action. The beginning of a new year is generally slow for me so it makes it a great time for possibilities. We are 5 months in and all the prep work I put into place for a great start to the year have ended and I’ve been too busy to keep up with it. I’d say I was disappointed in myself but it’s not like I’ve been binge watching TV the last several months. Well, I have been but I’m good a multitasking usually. BTW… Ted Lasso, it’s must see
I have no work life balance anymore. It is a shocker for me because I’m usually so good at living life and working just enough to pay my bills. Things have changed for me because of the pandemic. I’ll work at anything and everything that might make me a buck these days. I’m a photographer, I pet sit(I’ve hired 3 gals to help me because I’m so busy since everyone is traveling), I teach, sell and make art. I help people with their social media presence, I’ve been a personal chef, I host adult art parties, and the list grows weekly. I’m also working on a new project with a friend of mine that we hope to have ready later in the year.
None of the above is a complaint just a statement that I have lost my balance. A friend asked me what I’m doing to self care? I was bowled over by the question. I totally forgot I need to be taking care of myself. I’m not sure what this looks like anymore. I’d love to know what you do to self care.

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