What Story are you Telling Yourself?

I’m was listening to “The Spiritual Artist” podcast the other day. In episode 17 Chris Miller was interviewing Artist Jackie Fuch and she was speaking directly to me.

Right at about the 22 minute mark is says…..
When an artist says, “Oh, I’m struggling”, that’s not abundance, that’s lack. We always have a choice. Am I living in lack or am I living in abundance?

Am I a fountain in the world or am I a drain?

Wow, just wow.

She goes on talking about manifestation and how quickly what she puts out there comes to her. I was just wondering what my next blog post was going to be about when I started listening to this podcast. TaDa!

I don’t know if you have to believe it for it to be true, but you certainly have to be open to it when it comes knocking.

Remember, you can change your story.

I’d advise you to checkout this podcast series.

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