Vision Boards

Have any of you created a vision board? I’m intrigued and terrified by them in equal measure. The terrifying part is from my childhood(as you may have guessed) and the statement, “be careful what you wish for, it might come true.” It’s about picking the wrong things. Yes, I’m letting all my insecurities fly as high as my “freak flag”.

I believe it’s also about want vs. need. Because generally what I need is nothing I want. Is what I want good for me? Now I’m really letting you in my head.

Then there is FOMO. Correct, the fear of missing out is strong in this one. Lol. I do have to laugh at myself sometime. No, but really if I get so focused on a vision of who or what I want will I be so blinded I miss out on other, just as cool, opportunities that I don’t even know were options.

So, I float instead of swim. I have an outline of what I want my life to look like but I’m open to all possibilities. It’s worked for me so far though I’m thinking of doing a few backstrokes now and then to point me in a direction and see where I land.

What are your thoughts on vision boards?

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