Teaching is so Satisfing

This Saturday I taught a class on Alcohol Ink Jewelry. I've been fascinated with it for years and have tried them on any non-porous surface I could think of. I wasn't thinking very hard as I never considered the process on metal washers. A friend asked me if I'd tried it and would I teach a class on it. The answer is always yes. Then I had to go home a figure it out. The great part about this is instead of just playing, I'm learning. So my technique got better and I understood more of how the inks work. Plus, learning about resin. Wow, I still have tons to learn there but I was able to add the glossy protective shine to really create a finished piece.

The necklace in the photo is one of my students from the class I taught this past weekend. It went well and am planning another class in the new year. I have several other classes I'm teach next month. For a calendar of events click here.

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