Reunion Tower Project

When I was struggling with my photography my buddy Chris Miller, who is an amazing artist, invaluable friend and #FriendlyFriday alumni, gave me a challenge. He urged me to take a photo of the same thing everyday. That was a big ask and I was hesitant to take on the assignment but I’m glad I chose to accept.

In the end it was deciding what, when and how I wanted to  complete this challenge. When I realized I could set my own rules and boundaries within this idea it became my own.

I wanted something I didn’t have to think about or put too much effort in so every day was out. I also didn’t want this to be technical so iPhone it had to be. I also, wanted something that made a statement all on its own. In Dallas, TX we have a stand out skyline with Reunion Tower being front and center. I drive a lot into or past downtown and at the time my car had a sunroof. So every time I drove past reunion tower I would take picture of it through my sunroof with my iPhone day or night, rain or shine. I did stop for a few months when a friend pointed out it was illegal to drive and take pictures but I missed it so much I picked it up again and don’t plan on stopping.

This challenge has turned into a happy habit these days.

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