In my travels I’d seen stacked rocks. I’ve been told it was for other travelers to help them safely find their way. Trail markers if you will. Though at the time I never thought much of it as an art form. Well, not until my friend Laurence started posting about it did I ever think of stacking rocks as anything more.

Llano Earth Art Fest or LEAF as it is known, was in the middle of March this year. I only went because my friend from Scotland was participating. Crazy to think that this is an international event in a small town that only has about 3300 people in it and in Texas no less. It was fantastic and I was only around for the very beginning of the festival. It’s a casual affair, so I got to hangout with all the other artists, about 15 in total from Whales, Scotland, England, Portugal, Northern and Southern California and even from Flower Mound, Tx right here in the DFW metroplex.

It’s Burning Man meets the art club. I’m digging it.
I’ll be back the entire weekend next year. In one day I’ve become a groupie.


Earth Day is April 22nd.
So get outside and love where you live and stack a few rocks.

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