Friendly Friday

Yes, I realize it's not Friday. Things have been so busy I didn't even realize it was Friday until it passed by. HAHA. It happens. To me more than most, maybe.

For those of you who don't know, Friendly Friday is something I started about a month ago. I'm a huge believer that there is enough work out there for us all and I wanted to live what I believe. Plus, we all can use a cheerleader no and again. So every Friday (except for 2 days ago) I pick an artist to promote and give a shout out to on my social media platforms. So I know and some I've stumbled onto them through Instagram.

Last week I had the opportunity to photography a local artist for her website. I'd met her a time or two and really enjoy her art but had never gotten to spend some time to get to know her. I went to her studio and got to spend time with her and watch her work. And I got paid!! Lynn Armstrong of Both Hands Studio is a delight and her ceramics are charming. Check out her new website and follow her on Instagram and shop in her Etsy store


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