Creative Motivation / Permission

 I’m not sure what happened. I think maybe over kill.  The last quarter of last year I was pumping out art daily and posting them to my website along with teaching art, pet sitting and my photo business. After 16 months without working due to Covid I was not going to turn down any work and I was going to find multiply ways to supplement my income, you know, just in case.

I’ve been scrolling art videos and have been totally inspired me. I even pulled out my sewing machine to make cards for V-Day. I’ve even made a couple. It’s just not fun and exciting at the moment.

I’ve even tried to do this art challenge where you spend only 5 minutes making something.

All that to say I think I’m empty.  I think I’m overthinking it. Is the answer to give myself permission to play? That would be great if that’s the answer. I give people permission to play all the time, why not myself?

What are ways you stay motivated?

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