Choose Happy

I’m a huge Ted Lasso fan. It’s right up there with Harry Potter for me. I’m on my second run through of watching both seasons. I’m not really sure what it is about him and the show itself. I think maybe it gives me hope and helps me strive to be less judgy. And it makes me think. Like this quote from the second season, not sure what episode, “every disadvantage has its advantages.”

Life has really kicked me in the balls recently. Truthfully, it’s not that bad though it feels that way sometimes. I told a friend, I just can’t catch a break. This is the story that I have created and I’m ready for a change. I’m working on seeing advantages in the disadvantage.

My friend Karen is such a joy. She told me one day that she chooses to be happy. That’s it isn’t it. She is so wise. Sometimes you’re gonna have crap days. That’s life. It’s all in how we choose to handle them.

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